No personal promos!

How many times does it have to be said?
You people who keep posting personal promos in the wrong areas has ruined this site. It used to be bumping with 100% codes, match codes, and I got a few hits off my promo that's being posted in the right area.

Because you people are unbelievably selfish. You have destroyed a good thing here. No wonder Mikey don't post many mstch codes here anymore. And people are obviously not visiting as much. As I, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, are not getting hits from our promos.

It's like talking to immature, selfish, greedy, disrespectful children. Cause it's been posted over snd over not to post personal promos in match code or 100% code sections.
Unbelievable how a good thing gets ruined because of a bunch of idiots who cannot follow rules.

Thanks for destroying this site. Hope it was worth it!!??
Can anyone delete the personal promo code ?
Well said!!!!

Cooldown: 1 bump / 2 mins.


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